What is the Best Electric Bike to Buy in Canada?

what is the best electric bike to buy in canada

If you’re thinking about buying an electric bike, there are some great options in Canada. Citrus Cycles is not a manufacturer, but they are one of Canada’s largest distributors of e-bikes. They offer an extensive selection of electric bikes, including both standard and mountain models. You’ll find models from over 40 different manufacturers.

Cowboy 4 ST

If you are looking for an electric bike that will take you on all your daily commutes, the Cowboy 4 ST might be your best option. The bike is similar to the VanMoof S3 but has a step-through frame and a crossbar. While they don’t share the same looks, the two models share a common sense of style and functionality.

Among the features of this bike is a wireless charging mount built into the stem, an in-built Quad Lock mount, and a built-in camera for capturing your ride. It also comes with an app that has a new navigation screen, a 3D map rendering layout, and turn-by-turn directions. The app offers other useful features like an air quality index for a route, live fitness data, leaderboard rankings, and curated group rides in Europe. Additionally, the Cowboy bike comes with a free repair network, six-day customer service, and a subscription plan with Qover. This subscription plan includes theft detection insurance.

The Cowboy 4 ST is a sleek, stylish, and modern electric bike designed with the urban commuter in mind. It makes a great alternative to cramped commutes in 2022.

Rize Bikes

If you’re looking for a high-quality electric bike for the Canadian market, Rize Bikes is a great option. Their product catalog offers a variety of e-bike models that are designed to make daily commutes more convenient and fun. They also offer a one-year warranty for their bikes. And while these bikes can be expensive, they can also be delivered for free to Canada and the US.

As electric bikes have become more popular, there are more choices available for those who are looking for a quality electric bike. While many models have undergone a series of upgrades over the past few years, the fundamental components of electric bikes have not changed. The frame is the most important component of any bike, as it is where all of the other components are fitted. Each Rize electric bike comes with a custom 6061 aluminum frame, which is strong and resistant to corrosion and stress.

The Rize MD electric bike comes with a thumb throttle that provides easy control while pedaling. It weighs about 70 pounds with a single battery. It features a Shimano Acera seven-speed gear system, double-wall rims, and a rear rack. It also features anti-tip technology and a rain cover that prevents the cargo bay from becoming overly damp.

Another great option for buying an e-bike is EBikeBC. This company is based in Vancouver and offers a variety of electric bikes and mobility solutions. They also offer repair services for their electric bikes. Their battery packs are removable and cover a one-year warranty.


Pedego offers a wide selection of e-bikes in all price ranges. The bikes are popular in British Columbia because of their throttle and pedal assist features, which help you pedal faster and give you a more bike-like experience. Pedal assist systems are very useful for long trips and for stopping and starting your bicycle.

Pedego is known for building quality e-bikes, and it has a great dealer network. Their bikes are built to last and are among the most durable on the market. Although they’re not the cheapest electric bikes, they’re definitely one of the best options you can buy.

Aside from being a Canadian company, Pedego also produces electric bikes in the US. They start with bare frames and build them in-house. This allows them to provide you with a high-quality e-bike, without compromising on the quality of the components. They also have a wide selection of models, including a foldable city cruiser, a rugged fat tire bike, and an e-bike with a backrest and adjustable handlebars.

Pedego bikes are available for rent or purchase online. To make sure that you’re getting a quality product, you can also visit the local store in Vancouver to test ride one.

Pedal Assist

An electric bike with Pedal Assist gives you an extra boost when you pedal, allowing you to ride longer and farther. This feature is useful for commuting, going to the grocery store, or exploring steep hills and trails. This mode also requires less battery juice than one with a throttle.

While the extra power from the pedal assist is useful, it’s important to keep in mind that this technology has a limited top speed. The extra power will not make any difference once you reach that speed, so you can’t use it in very harsh weather or in a hilly terrain. Most electric bikes fall into three classes: Class 1 and Class 2, and Class 3. The first two are designed to assist you while pedalling up to 20 mph. While this may not sound like much, it will be enough for most riders.

Pedal Assist on an electric bicycle comes with a variety of settings. You can choose to have it on or off, depending on your preference. This feature will mimic the feel of a regular bike and let you feel more in control while riding. The second setting will help you control the speed of the e-bike by controlling the throttle.

Pedal Assist on an electric bicycle can be set to help you pedal even faster. This mode is best for commuters and anyone in a hurry. Many models of electric bikes have different pedal assist levels to accommodate different riding styles and needs. Pedal Assist is usually the fastest mode, so if you need to reach your destination in a hurry, this is the mode for you.


The Soltera electric bike is an excellent choice for urban riding. It is lightweight and is available for under $1,200 at MSRP. If you want a bit more power, you can add a mechanical disk brake and a 7-speed drivetrain. It is also compatible with a number of different types of batteries.

The Soltera is the latest model from Aventon, which is known for producing high-quality electric bikes. It has a sleek design and integrates its battery into the downtube. Its 350-watt motor allows it to reach a maximum speed of 20 mph. Its large 346-watt-hour battery gives you a good range. The Soltera also handles well. The 700c wheels roll fast and the bike is easy to maneuver.

Its powerful motor gives you an extra push to get out there and enjoy the great outdoors. It can travel up to 20 miles on a single charge, and is able to cruise up hills without effort. The Soltera can be folded when not in use, which is a huge plus.

This ebike is easy to ride in rain and snow. Its integrated lights make it more visible at night. It has all the standard safety features, and more.