Which is the Best Electric Mountain Bike to Buy?

which is the best electric mountain bike to buy

The best electric mountain bikes are fun to ride, nimble and capable off-road. They’re also durable and dependable.

The e-bike market is growing at a rapid pace, but there’s still a lot to choose from. So how do you know which one is right for you?

1. Merida EOne-Sixty 800

The Merida EOne-Sixty 800 is a fantastic mountain bike that packs a lot of technology and user-friendly features into one great package. It is also a very capable electric mountain bike that will be an excellent choice for anyone looking to buy their first e-bike.

The EOne-Sixty is a full suspension e-MTB that is designed to take on the rigours of all-mountain riding. It is spec’d with a plethora of top-of-the-range components including Shimano XT shifters and a 12-speed drivetrain, RockShox forks with 160mm travel and four-piston brakes.

A Shimano EP8 motor is merged into a carbon front triangle, with the battery neatly tucked away inside the downtube. The 630Wh battery is protected by Merida’s Energy Guard, a softer outer layer that protects the battery from impact and an inner structural cover. The motor is a slick design that delivers plenty of power to the wheels.

It is a great all round bike that will give you plenty of fun on the climbs, while it is equally at home on the descents. It’s a good choice for both experienced riders and beginners as it is a bike that will encourage you to pick up new lines and make the most of every trail you ride.

Another thing that we like about this bike is how smooth it feels on choppy trails, even when you’re slinging it around at high speeds and putting yourself into difficult positions. The motor doesn’t wallow and when you are pumping through dips, it is a lot more responsive than you would expect from a fully-suspension bike.

We’re always impressed with the build quality of a Merida mountain bike, and the EOne-Sixty is no exception to that rule. The frame is constructed from a mix of materials, with a large carbon front end and an alloy rear end. There’s lots of space around the head tube/downtube junction for cooling air to enter, while the downtube contains a storage area for the 630Wh battery and a charging port.

At the heart of the e-bike is a Shimano EP8 motor that’s merged into a carbon front triangle and an alloy rear triangle. This provides a strong base for the 160mm single pivot linkage-actuated rear suspension.

The e-bike also features a Merida Expert CC saddle, which is an own-brand model that is comfortable and won’t break easily when you drop it from the bike. The saddle is stowed under the seat, which is a clever and user-friendly feature that we appreciate on e-bikes as it means you don’t have to remove it to access the battery.

As well as the Merida CC saddle, there is a 125mm cable-activated dropper post that is mounted under the seat. It is a nice addition that’s easy to use and will help you get the most out of your e-bike, especially on steep descents where you may need a little extra support.

2. Cannondale Trail Neo

The Cannondale Trail Neo is an e-mountain bike that will raise your game and ignite a passion for the trails. It has the same true mountain bike specs as the other models in the range, such as powerful hydraulic brakes, wide handlebars and short stems, but is versatile too, with pre-wired light cables and clever mounts for racks and fenders.

The frame of the Cannondale Trail Neo is a well-crafted aluminium design that features the same SAVE compliance as the rest of the range, which helps to take the sting out of rough surfaces for a smoother ride. Boost hub spacing and 12mm through axles make the rear wheel a bit stiffer too so that it’s able to cope with the more demanding terrain you’ll be cycling over on this bike.

It comes fitted with a 100mm travel suspension fork that offers just enough travel to smooth out the bumps on gravel tracks and singletrack trails but won’t feel like too much when you’re riding on smooth cycle tracks. It has lockout levers that you can use to adjust the amount of travel on the fork to match your weight.

Powered by Bosch, the Performance Line Cruise motor on this bike delivers a maximum torque of 65Nm which is perfectly suited to both urban environments and more intrepid off-road adventures. It’s also silent and almost completely pedal-resistance free so that you can enjoy a natural riding experience while you’re cruising along.

This motor is paired with a 500 Wh battery that promises a 60-mile range in pedal assist mode, but this can vary depending on how far you want to go on your e-bike. The iWoc One control/display unit allows you to switch between the different power assistance modes and keep track of your battery levels using an LED ring around the button.

You can set your power assistance to ECO mode for everyday use, TOUR mode for longer rides and TURBO mode for faster rides. You can also customize the settings of your e-bike to suit your individual needs using the iBikeflow app.

The iBikeflow app is designed to give you access to your important ride data, such as speed, distance, time, and calories. It’s easy to use, and the app is constantly updating so that you can always stay up-to-date on what your e-bike is doing and how much you’re riding.

This e-mountain bike is a great choice for anyone who wants to start enjoying a more active lifestyle while getting to and from work on an e-bike. It is easy to maintain, and has a long battery life that will help you get out on the trails more often.

3. Scott Patron E-Ride

The Patron E-Ride is a full-power electric mountain bike that has a Bosch CX Smart System drive, so it can handle pretty much any trail you want to ride. It also comes with a 750Wh battery, which is big enough to get you through long rides without running out of power.

It also has a unique technology for providing optimal battery support: the battery fits inside a tube, which is then incorporated into the main carbon frame. This way, the battery is easy to slide in and out whenever you need it.

This means you can take your e-bike anywhere and charge it up when you’re on the go. It’s a great way to avoid getting caught out in the middle of the trail, and it also helps with safety as you won’t have to worry about losing a big, heavy battery.

Another innovative feature is the Bosch Smart System, which lets you set your own assistance level and has a clever sensor driven system that will provide just the right amount of power for your riding style. You can even set it to ‘Turbo’ mode and ride up steep climbs with confidence!

You can even change your power output via the app, which makes it easy to fine tune your e-bike’s performance on the fly. This is a great feature for those who enjoy going fast and are looking to increase their fitness.

With 160mm travel front and rear, the Patron is a great choice for big days out on the trails. Thanks to its supple rear suspension, it’s able to find grip and smooth out even the roughest trails.

While the bike has a nippy top speed, it’s not as fun to pedal around as some of the more aggressive long-travel trail bikes in the market. It does have a lot of weight though, so it may not be the best choice for lighter riders who don’t want to get stuck out on long rides.

One of the other reasons why the Patron is so good at climbing uphill is because it’s a little bit taller than some e-bikes, meaning you won’t knock your knees on ground strikes and snags. It’s also got 165mm cranks, which are on the conservative side for long-travel trail bikes, so it feels more composed and balanced when riding up hills.

Its steering is smooth and direct too, with a low, but not slammed bottom bracket height that works well on bumpy terrain. The front wheel stays planted despite its high travel and the TwinLoc lever is easy to activate for both open and closed mode, which saves you a lot of effort when climbing uphill on tougher terrain.

All of this means that the Scott Patron E-Ride is a very good value option for a full-power, high-capacity e-bike. While it won’t be the most intuitive ride for beginners, it’s definitely worth checking out if you want an e-bike that can handle challenging trails with ease.

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