Which is the Best Electric Bike in India?

which is the best electric bike in india

Considering the price range, Optima, Revolt, and 22Kymco are a few of the options to consider. If you’re looking for a top electric bike, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compared each of the top choices for performance and features, and have come to a conclusion as to which one is the best. Read on to learn more.

Optima electric scooter

Optima HX is the most powerful and durable electric scooter in India. Its motor is 1.2 kW and the battery pack is 51.2 V. It can reach a top speed of 42 kmph. It can be charged in about four to five hours, and has a riding radius of about two kilometers. However, it is peppy, so you must be careful while riding it in fast traffic. The scooter comes in two colours: Burgundy and black. It has a range extender mechanism that automatically increases the battery charge when the battery is depleted.

The Optima’s looks are similar to those of conventional petrol scooters. Its red paint adds to its style, but it lacks the sophistication and elegance that a luxury electric bike has. The Optima’s dashboard is made of low-quality plastic and is difficult to read from a distance. The Optima also features rough edges around the battery compartment cover, which makes it unattractive.

The Honda HX is a very expensive electric scooter, and it is best for long journeys. The LX model offers a comparatively cheaper option. Besides, the Optima’s price is significantly lower than the Optima’s. With an additional price of around Rs. 40,000, it is a good buy. Its top speed is 78kmph, and it has a range of up to 75km on a full charge. It has a digital console to indicate battery voltage, speed, and trip meter, which helps to keep you informed about your battery’s condition. It has an ample seat and is equipped with telescopic forks and drum brakes.

Energica Ego+RS

The Energica Ego+RS is the most affordable electric bike in India. It has a large battery and can reach speeds of 150 mph. The throttle is electronic and registers inputs of one-hundredth of a degree. It also has cruise control and no clutch. It is a direct-drive bike that recharges the battery when the rider disengages the throttle.

The Energica Ego+RS has a 4.3″ WQYGA 480×272 TFT Color Display with Bluetooth and integrated GPS receiver. It offers 16.7 million colours and features a real-time clock and nine warning lights. Despite its small size, the Ego+RS is incredibly comfortable to ride, and you can get used to it in a few minutes.

The Energica Ego+RS delivers the same ride pleasure as a conventional bike. It is a good choice for commuters as it has a range of more than 200 miles. The Ego+RS is not only a better option for commuters, it’s also a good option for families and for those who want a longer-range electric bike. It will be a huge change for the electric industry in India.

Its range and price make it one of the best electric bikes in India. Its battery pack weighs 258kg and recharges from 0 to 85% in 30 minutes. Its fast-charger is optional but is expensive for early adopters. The fastest charger is not available in the UK, US, or Europe. It can only reach a maximum of 35 kW. The range and speed of the Ego+RS are comparable to conventional sportsbikes.


Kymco is a leading professional powersports brand in the world. The company recently announced the official launch of the 22KYMCO brand, a joint venture between the Chinese company and the Indian manufacturer of smart electric vehicles, 22Motors. 22KYMCO will be an affordable and reliable electric bike for Indian consumers. The company says this new venture represents a milestone in the globalization process and will also promote industrial layout in India.

The 22KYMCO iFlow electric scooter features a retro-inspired design, but with the modern technology and features of a modern bike. Its modern features include all-LED lighting, a digital instrument console, Bluetooth connectivity and cloud storage. The scooter has 2 swappable batteries and can charge via wireless chargers around the city. The iFlow can reach a top speed of 60 km/h.

The company plans to build 300 dealerships in India and a distribution network of 14 stores. It will start operations in New Delhi and has a planned capacity of 200,000 units. The company will prioritize the iFlow series models and aggressively expand across India. In phase one, 22Kymco plans to launch in Delhi and NCR. It aims to create a strong dealer network of 300 stores in India by 2022.

The Zero SR/S weighs 234kg and is inspired by aerospace design. Its aerodynamics are second to none. The zero SR/S is priced at $22,000 (Rs 16 lakh) and is equipped with a permanent-magnet AC motor. The motor has an output of 82kW and 190Nm of torque. The rider can reach 100kph in just 3.3 seconds. The SR/S has a top speed of 200kph and can travel up to 260km in city and 160km on the highway.

Kabira mobility’s KM 3000

The KM 3000 is priced from Rs. 1,26,990. The bike has a computerised instrument panel, Bluetooth connectivity, keyless start, and a range of 120 km. It can be charged in about six hours on Eco mode. The maximum speed is 120 km/h. Both models come with a variety of safety features and the ability to customize the ride.

The KM 3000 looks like a proper sports bike. The aggressive styling and deep cowl make it look like a real sports bike. Its top speed is 100 kmph and the range is 120 km. The bike accelerates from zero to 40 kmph in under three seconds. It has an on-board charger and starts at Rs 1,26,990 ex-showroom.

The Kabira Mobility KM 3000 is the best electric bike for India. Its peak power is six kW (eight bhp), and it claims to go from 0 to 100 kmph in 3.3 seconds. Its kerb weight is 138 kg, and it offers three riding modes: ECO, City, and Sport. It also comes with a digital instrument console, Bluetooth connectivity, and keyless ignition.

The KM 3000 has all of these features and more. The price is also affordable: starting at 48,000 rs, the Kabira KM 3000 is the best electric bike in India. The company also plans to build a new manufacturing plant in Dharwad, Karnataka with the capacity to produce 75,000 units per month. Adding to this is a massive investment in the company, creating around 4,000 new jobs.


GoZero Mobility, a UK-based maker of electric bikes, has come to India with two new models: the Mile commuter bike and the One off-road and trekking bike. The two models offer varying degrees of assistance and have a range of 45 and 60 kilometers. Battery life is about two hours, depending on the model. The bikes are rechargeable in 2.5 hours.

The company’s aggressive growth strategy includes retailing e-bikes in major cities via online stores and distributor/dealer channels. They also plan to expand into the country’s largest cities, with a network of 18 experience centers and 1,000 retail partners. In addition to its e-bikes, GoZero Mobility plans to roll out its own line of lifestyle apparels, including sweatshirts, t-shirts, belts, wallets, jackets, and more.

In addition to selling e-bikes in major cities and metropolitan areas, GoZero Mobility plans to invest in northeastern India to expand its retail network. It plans to set up local assembly units, create a strong local retail flow, and create jobs in the region. In the North East, GoZero Mobility hopes to sell 15,000 electric bicycles per year, which is about double the current market demand.

GoZero Mobility plans to enter the Indian market in 2019 and is working with the Bengal-based Kirti Solar to create manufacturing and distribution hubs in the region. GoZero is planning to invest $1 million in this region and create 100 new jobs. GoZero Mobility has plans to establish manufacturing and retail locations in the region. These new shops will also provide additional jobs for local entrepreneurs who want to get into the industry.


Designed and assembled in India, Toutche e-bikes have a battery capacity of 250W and are water-resistant. With a design that blends aesthetics with functionality, this e-cycle is an ideal choice for urban roads. The bike’s battery allows for speeds of up to 25kmph, which is more than enough for most urban commutes. The bike’s rugged outer case protects it from harsh conditions and water, as well as extending its life span.

The Heileo comes in two models: Mountain and Hybrid. Both types of bikes are suitable for city commuting and for off-roading. The Hybrid is perfect for long road rides. It has an electric motor that helps users charge their batteries in 2.5 hours. The price of these bikes is moderate, making them ideal for the average urban commuter. The EMI option is available and delivery is usually within 10 working days.

A revolutionary design coupled with advanced features have made this electric bike the best electric bike in India. The bikes have a vibrant color scheme and have earned a place among the best electric bikes in India. The company has a strong base in Ahmedabad, India, and has achieved widespread fame through crowd-funding. The Toutche is the best electric bike in India for a reason: it is the most affordable model.

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