Which Electric Bike Motor is Best For You?

which electric bike motor is best

The best way to choose an electric bike motor is by reading reviews of the different types on the market. Here, we take a look at a few models: Specialized/Brose, Bosch Performance Line CX, Fazua, and Shimano EP8. We also compare the features of each of them to determine which is best for your needs. Whichever motor you choose will make your ride more comfortable and enjoyable!


The Brose/Specialized electric bike motor has a narrow support window compared to the Bosch system, but offers enough assistance at low pedal cadences. The motor also does not run out of steam, so it feels powerful off the line. The speed display remains visible at all times, so it can be used even when riding at low cadences. There is no need to adjust the settings, as the motor remains on the bike’s outside.

The switch control unit on the Brose and Specialized bikes are both very easy to access and conceal. Both have remotes mounted on the handlebars, while the Specialized/Brose motor is easily accessible from the top tube. The Specialized/Brose model’s controller can also be controlled via the Mission Control smartphone app. It is also the quietest motor on descents, allowing you to time your pedal strokes without sacrificing the position of the remote on the dropper post.

There are several options to choose from for a Brose/Specialized electric bike motor. Shimano and Specialized offer motors with capacities of 700 and 750Wh, respectively. Focus uses a piggy-back system called the TEC pack system. The TEC pack system plugs into the Shimano motor and gives riders two 380Wh batteries, while Brose/Specialized offer 750Wh batteries.

The latest generation of pedelecs is a step forward for the e-bike industry. Specialized has launched its next-generation Turbo Vado, Turbo Como, and Turbo Tero electric bikes. Unlike traditional bikes, these electric bikes use upgraded technology, which makes them little more than computers on wheels. You can even tailor your assistance to suit your fitness levels, the terrain you ride on, and the speed you need to reach.

The problem with the Brose motor is related to the company’s mid-drive electric bike motor. The problem occurred in models of the Specialized Levo from 2019 to 2020. To resolve the issue, Brose has released a software update for the motors used by all manufacturers that use Drive Mag S motors. This update should help riders avoid the problem. The new Brose motors will also feature reinforced belts and other hardware improvements.

Shimano EP8

The EP8 electric bike motor from Shimano has a wide range of useful features. Its throttle is simple to operate and its increase in power is felt primarily in lower cadence ranges. The EP8 trail mode is best suited to aggressive eMTB use as it delivers the motor’s maximum torque output of 85 Nm while modulating its output according to rider inputs. The result is a naturally progressive ride feel.

The Shimano EP8 electric bike motor is highly customizable, with two independently adjustable motor profiles. Users can tune three parameters within the E-TUBE PROJECT app to optimise performance on the trail. The motor’s torque, speed, and efficiency are all configurable. For a smooth ride, the EP8 is a solid option. The motor’s compact design allows for an improved ground clearance. The motor’s one-way clutch also reduces drag significantly, reducing drag by 36 percent. Heat management has also been optimised with the use of magnesium materials and a refined algorithm.

The EP8 motor provides subtle assistance under pedal load. When on rough terrain, the motor may emit a normal clicking sound, which does not affect the motor’s functioning. In Trail and Boost modes, the EP8 motor delivers smooth power delivery. However, it cannot offer cliff-edge support when riding at the top end. Therefore, an upgrade to an EP8 motor may be necessary. But in many cases, it will allow riders to enjoy the full benefits of an electric bike while balancing performance and durability.

The Shimano EP8 electric bike motor is a good choice for intermediate and advanced riders. Its torque figure of 85 N/m is sufficient for trail riding. Its compact design and improved engagement improve rider’s comfort. However, compared to some rivals, the Shimano EP8 motor does not feel as powerful. However, it’s quieter than its counterparts and is more suitable for more demanding terrain.

The EP8 electric bike motor is equipped with a patented assistance character that enables the user to adjust the motor’s assistance level. This setting adjusts how powerful the motor is when pulling away. Lower settings require the user to exert more effort to get the maximum support, while higher levels require less effort to gain maximum power. The EP8 motor has ten levels of adjustment. This setting is best for advanced riders, while lower settings are more suited for novices.

Bosch Performance Line CX

The Bosch Performance Line CX electric bike motor provides a great level of support and feels like a top-notch eMTB motor, with a maximum torque of 85 Nm. Its Extended Boost feature tailors the output of the motor to rider efforts, conserving energy while allowing riders to conquer the most challenging climbs. Its sensors measure cadence, torque, and speed 1,000 times per second, allowing it to adapt to each rider’s style.

The new motor is smaller than its predecessor. Its design was modified so that the drive shaft is moved back and upwards. The resulting shape gives bike manufacturers more leeway when designing their frames, enabling shorter chainstays and more efficient rear ends. This results in improved handling. The Focus JAM2 electric bike, which uses the Bosch Performance Line CX motor, is a prime example of a new generation of exciting eMTBs.

The CX motor from Bosch is tough and can handle water, rough terrain, and accidental bangs and knocks. This electric bike motor also offers assistance to the rider in all terrain and riding conditions. Its top speed is 28 mph, and it is capable of assisting riders of any skill level. A bike equipped with a Bosch Performance Line CX motor will ensure a hassle-free ride. But be sure to check the specifications of the motor before buying.

The Performance Line CX motor is the most powerful electric bike motor from Bosch. With more power and faster acceleration, the Performance CX motor is ideal for sporty riders and ambitious eBikers. It has increased its torque from 60 Nm to 75 Nm and also added Turbo Mode to boost engine support by 30%. The Bosch Performance Line CX electric bike motor features a smartphone hub, smart lock, and anti-tuning software to make riding easier for its users.

It is available in two versions: the Performance Line CX. The Performance Line CX motor comes with a modified data exchange system to enable compatibility with Bosch’s smart system. It boasts the same performance data as the 4th generation Bosch motor. The Performance Line CX motor also offers outstanding start-up characteristics and a compact size for unobtrusive integration. Its large batteries help you go up hills with ease.


The Fazua electric bike motor features a modular drive system and fits into the down tube of the bike. The bike’s standard bottom bracket is replaced with a Fazua gearbox and the motor unit simply plugs into it. The bike’s 250Wh battery fits into a removable, replaceable compartment on the top of the motor. It is easy to replace the battery and even carry a spare in case of a flat. This bike has a remote control with a bar-mounted display and a set of 10 LEDs that change colour to indicate whether the motor is helping you.

The Fazua motor is not as powerful as other mid-range electric bike motors, but it delivers enough torque for comfortable riding. Although the motor can’t match the soaring torque of other electric bike motors, the vivax assist motor fits nicely into the down tube and offers gentle assistance once engaged. The Fazua motor is more like a standard mid-motor, offering good power pickup and little lag from standstill. The assistance mode is the most powerful, corresponding to the Bosch Tour.

The Fazua Ride 60 motor system is lightweight and reasonably powerful, with a maximum power output of 450 W. The torque produced by this motor is 60 Nm, which makes it suitable for eMTBs. The battery’s capacity is 430 Wh, and it can be easily added to other models such as the eMTB. In addition, the company is developing a range-extending battery that fits into the water bottle cage. This can provide an additional 200Wh of juice, extending the range of the eMTB by a couple of hours.

The FAZUA Evation motor is the pioneer of the eMTB light concept. It’s a backwards compatible design, and the new motor software allows for upgrades. It’s easy to upgrade the software on the motor. It is also possible to download a free update from the FAZUA website, which means you don’t need to rely on the manufacturer for assistance. This software is available for both models.

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