What is the Most Powerful Electric Bike Motor?

Which electric bike motor is the best? Let’s find out by taking a look at Bafang Ultra Max, Bosch Cargo Line Cruise, SACHS RS, and TQ HPR 120 S. All of these electric bikes have different motors, but they all have one thing in common – they have high power. The Bafang Ultra Max is a 780 watt peak motor that is 75 percent efficient at higher power levels. It is also close to the 750-watt motor rating.

Bafang Ultra Max

The high-performance Bafang Ultra Max e-bike motor features a high copper mass in the stator, which increases efficiency. In addition, the ultra-modern motor also comes with a sophisticated torque-sensing PAS that enables seamless power transfer when pedaling. Lastly, the motor is lightweight, providing an impressive ride. But what makes this motor so special? How does it work?

It first debuted in 2017 at the Taipei bicycle show, and was marketed as a cheaper and more powerful mid-drive alternative to Bosch’s popular system. Frey was one of the first to test it out, and the Bafang Ultra Max is now available in both fat tire and hardtail models. The Bafang Ultra Max is claimed to deliver 160 Nm of torque, which corresponds to street-legal power in the USA.

The ultra motor delivers a powerful kick when you pedal, and the Bafang Bixtrix has particularly long chainstays for increased traction. The Ultra motor’s large battery helps it to climb even the steepest terrain. Ideally, you’ll use fat tires only in deep sand or snow. A plus-size tire is more than enough for the majority of terrain. Even if the Bafang Ultra Max e bike motor doesn’t support fat tires, it’s still more than capable of tackling even the steepest terrain.

Bosch Cargo Line Cruise

The Bosch Cargo Line Cruise is the most powerful electric bike motor currently available, with an assist level of 400%. Its motor has high-grade components, such as a Bosch Cargo Line Cruise hub, which offers an up-to-400% assistance level. Its compact design and load sensor function make it perfect for city tours and leisure rides. Among the many benefits of e bikes, they offer a range of up to 53 miles.

The Bosch Cargo Line motor is available in two different versions, with two different power capacities. Both versions support up to 25 km/h and 45 km/h. The weight is 2.9 kg, thanks to the magnesium housing. This means that it’s easier to carry on longer journeys. The Bosch Performance Cruise is also more lightweight than most other e bikes. You can expect a smooth ride and minimal effort.

The Bosch Cargo Line Motor is designed for cargo bikes, and supports up to 250kg gross vehicle weight. It has a maximum torque of 75 Nm and a 400% support level, which makes it ideal for hauling large loads. Every electric bike requires a battery, and Bosch provides them as part of the package. Battery strength, size, and position of the battery determines the range and handling of an electric bike.


The SACHS RS is the most powerful electric bike motor currently on the market. It is an engine with a torque of 110 Newton meters. The SACHS RS is designed to support urban, cargo, and MTB e-bikes. Its torque is sufficient for riding in flat terrain. On steep inclines, however, the SACHS RS can struggle. The SACHS RS also doesn’t have a progressive support mode, making it difficult to control how much power the motor delivers.

The SACHS RS is the only motor that can keep up with the torque on climbs, but its modulation and control are lacking. It is also too large for light eMTBs. Sigma has an EOX system that lets you customize your bike’s cockpit. Other bike manufacturers have their own solutions. One such system is Brose’s eMTB system.

In terms of power, the SACHS RS is the most powerful. Its torque figure of 85Nm makes it a top contender. However, the SACHS RS is smaller than its rivals, and it requires removing the battery for starting. It also has a new Trail mode that allows for easier engagement with the bike’s gears. However, it’s a bit hard to feel the power of the SACHS RS compared to the Bosch.

This new motor from Bosch solves many of the problems of the previous version. One of the biggest complaints is the metallic clacking noise from the motor under full load. The new version of the motor also has a display with the exact percentage of battery life left. The only major flaw is the fact that it doesn’t integrate the most advanced display, but the SACHS RS has all the other bases covered.

TQ HPR 120 S

The Haibike HPR 120S e bike has a dynamic motor with 120 Nm of torque. This gives it extreme power and efficiency. Its carbon frames and flip-chip system offer the best balance of strength and comfort. The TQ HPR 120S is the most powerful e bike motor on the market today. It is available with five custom assist modes. In addition, the HPR 120S also has more torque than any other motor on the market today.

TQ introduced the HPR 120S motor to the market in 2012 and it has been the most powerful E bike motor on the market to date. The motor is small and light, and it is extremely quiet. It was designed by Toni Rossberger and TQ, the same companies that made the original M1 Sporttechnik. The company is confident in the quality of the motor when it goes mainstream.

The TQ HPR 120S has won numerous awards for its innovative technology and design. It combines an electric motor with a patented harmonic pin ring drive. It boasts a torque of 120 newton meters and a diameter of 144 millimeters. TQ offers complete e bike systems, including the TQ HPR 120S, a battery, power electronics, sensors, and connectivity.

Shimano EP8

If you are looking for an e bike with the best power, the Shimano EP8 is the best choice. Its smooth power delivery is unmatched by its competitors. The high torque output is felt around the 25 km/h cutoff point, and the internal geared hub allows it to deliver maximum torque with minimal power loss. This allows the rider to feel the power more directly as the bike accelerates and decelerates.

The EP8 motor from the Shimano brand has a torque of 85 Nm, which is more than enough to meet the demands of a variety of riding conditions. It features a new Trail mode, a quieter motor and improved engagement. However, some riders may find the EP8 motor doesn’t feel as powerful as the rivals. Here are some reasons why you might not want to go for this motor.

The EP8 has an intuitive throttle that provides easy power control. Its increased power is most noticeable in the lower cadence range, while the trail mode provides maximum power output of 85 Nm. This mode modulates its output based on the rider’s input, giving a progressive feel that is both comfortable and efficient. This e bike is capable of tackling just about any terrain, whether it’s a mountain or a city trail.

Brose S-Mag

Brose is an e-bike manufacturer with a long history. The Drive S Mag e-bike motor was originally developed by Specialized and is now available for other manufacturers. The motor’s hardware is almost identical to the 2.1 model, but Specialized created its own motherboard and software to control it. Whether or not the motor will work on your bike will depend on your individual preferences. For example, if you’re more comfortable with a clunky motor, the Drive S Mag is a great option.

The Drive S Mag is rated for a maximum speed of 25 km (15 mph), and Brose provides a variety of display options. One display option features a 3.5-inch touchscreen. Another is a 1.5-inch display that offers a minimal view of key e-bike parameters. You can even install a display-less button that requires less room on your bike. The Drive S Mag is rated at 250 W continuous power with a peak output of 500 W.

The Brose Drive S Mag e-bike motor is the best in class, combining all the good qualities of other e-bike motors into one. Its compact, lightweight, and powerful design will enable manufacturers to make even better eMTBs in the future. Its natural ride feel combined with a powerful motor make it an impressive choice on forest paths and demanding technical terrain. You won’t be disappointed.