What is the Most Powerful Ebike Hub Motor?

what is the most powerful ebike hub motor

If you’re looking for the most powerful hub motor available, there are a few options available. Here we’ll cover the Evel GT 4000, the SACHS RS, and the TQ HPR 120 S. These are some of the most popular ebike hub motors, but there are a few others that are worth mentioning as well.

Evel GT 4000

The Evel GT 4000 is a hub motor designed for electric bikes and motorcycles. It is capable of generating 560 rpm with 48 volts, 22 wires, and 51 teeth. This makes it the most powerful hub motor for ebikes.


The SACHS RS is one of the most powerful ebike hub motors. It has a maximum torque output of 110 Nm, but only weighs 3.6 kg. It outperforms other hub motors, such as the Brose Drive S Mag. It is a real powerhouse, but is quieter than other hub motors. It also features four support modes: Assisted, Normal, Low, and Fast.

Bafang, a Chinese manufacturer, is the biggest maker of ebike hub motors. They recently expanded their business and opened a factory in Poland to service the EU market. Although Bafang is based in China, they also have subsidiaries in the US, the Netherlands, and Japan. Formerly known as Suzhou Bafang and 8Fun, the company is now one of the world’s largest ebike hub motor manufacturers.

The SACHS remote is simple and easy to use. The device offers a number of settings and can be paired with an additional display, such as a SIGMA ROX GPS bike computer. While the EOX display is an old model with limited functionality, the SIGMA RS display is an advanced, modern solution. Moreover, it allows bike dealers to customize support modes for their bikes, adjusting the maximum torque output and percentage of support in each mode. It also comes with integrated speed sensors.

TQ HPR 120 S

When it comes to ebike hub motors, the TQ HPR 120S is at the top of the list. This motor offers the highest efficiency and is ideal for e-mountain bikes, cargo ebikes, and classic commuter and leisure ebikes. It is manufactured in Germany and won the Design & Innovation Award in 2018.

This model comes with five custom assist modes and an extra powerful power package. Haibike and TQ teamed up to develop a dynamic motor that has 120 Nm of torque, offering extreme power and efficiency. While most ebike motors are available in a fixed form, the HPR 120S offers a rounded design that prevents pivots.

The TQ HPR 120S motor is the most powerful hub motor available today. With a continuous 120 Nm of torque, it easily overtakes other hub motors. It also has a high torque output, which enables it to handle high cadences without losing power. The motor weighs just 3.1 kg and offers instantaneous drive. It is also highly efficient and offers over 80 percent efficiency across a wide range of performance.

The TQ HPR 120 S is the best choice for riders seeking the best value for their money. Its lightweight design allows riders to ride in all kinds of conditions and is compatible with most bikes.


If you’re looking for a powerful ebike hub motor, the Biktrix hub motor is the one to go for. These hub motors are among the most powerful ebike motors on the market. But they’re not without their drawbacks. For starters, they’re more noisy and heavier than other hub motors. But since they’re specifically designed for high-performance electric bicycles, this shouldn’t be a big issue unless you’re looking for a folding ebike. Plus, they’re close to a direct-drive motor in weight.

In addition to being more powerful, hub motors are also cheaper than mid-drive motors. However, there are many pros and cons to mid-drive motors. Here are a few to keep in mind when deciding between the two types of motors:

Mid-drive motors offer a greater range of torque than hub motors. Mid-drive motors also offer a greater feeling of control, while hub motors are limited in torque.


When you think about an ebike, you might not associate the motor with the bike itself. However, the hub motor plays an important role. These electric motors are located in the hub of the bike and can give the bike much needed assistance. It is important to know how to choose the best hub motor for your bike.

Hub motors are available in different designs, including belt drive and chain drive models. Moreover, they are cheaper to buy and to fit compared to mid-drive motors. You can also change the motor in the middle of the cycle. However, many ebike manufacturers are secretive about their motors.

The Cromotor is the most powerful hub motor currently available. So far, 500 units have been sold globally. This product is designed for different types of bicycle frames. Some of the models feature 7-speed gear clusters. However, a single-speed model may be more comfortable for some riders. The Cromotor is also compatible with various kinds of bicycle frames, including those with standard 135mm axle drop-outs.

Another type of hub motor is used by the Super73 and Ariel Rider. They are compact and feature a high power. They come in a 350 and 500 watt version. The Hengtai Motor has been the most powerful hub motor in the past, but there are now other companies that produce better hub motors. The Hengtai Motor uses metal gears, while the Bafang uses nylon gears. These motors have been tested extensively and are guaranteed to work.

Bafang G60

If you’re looking for an easy electric bike conversion, the Bafang G60 hub motor may be the answer. This hub motor is designed for high torque electric motors, and it can handle motors up to 80 Nm. It also fits almost all popular mid-drive motors from European manufacturers. Another perk of this hub motor is that it can be installed with very little skill. To install it, you’ll need a basic bicycle maintenance tool kit and a crank puller. Using a crank puller will allow you to remove the right side pedal crank and fit the pedal assist sensor.

The Bafang hub motor comes in two different versions. The one with a standard freehub fits a seven-speed cassette, and the other can fit an 11-speed MTB or road cassette. A spacer is required if you’re using a cassette with a 7-speed hub. This hub motor also takes a standard threaded freewheel.

While mid-drive motors are the most common in electric mountain bikes, there are many advantages to hub motors. They can be significantly cheaper and make it more accessible for more people to ride electric bikes. They can also be a great way to encourage people to take up mountain biking.

Bosch Performance Line CX

The Bosch Performance Line CX is a powerful electric bike hub motor that gives you the power you need to ride your bike up the trail. The motor provides a total cohesion that matches your pedal inputs and supports you as you pedal harder and faster. The motor is responsive and never leaves you wanting more assistance. The motor also works smoothly so you won’t feel any resistance while pedaling.

The Performance Line CX has special riding modes, including Smart Push Assist for steep climbs, Hill Hold function with automatic rollback protection, and eBike Lock for additional security. It also has an eMTB mode, designed specifically for sport and mountain biking. The motor has a user-friendly interface, which makes switching between riding modes seamless. It offers utmost control and intuitive handling, which gives you the advantage over challenging terrain. It also features Extended Boost, which helps you to manoeuvre over obstacles and climb steep slopes.

It offers a more powerful drive system than any other Bosch electric bike hub motor. Its torque is now 75 Nm, which means you get faster acceleration. This Bosch drive engine also offers Turbo Mode, which increases engine support by 30%.

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