What is the Best Folding Electric Bike on the Market in the UK?

what is the best folding electric bike on the market uk

In a recent UK review, we compared the GoCycle electric bike, a sleek, funky bike designed by British designer Richard Thorpe. This bike is powered by proprietary technology and features Pitstop mag wheels with single-sided forks, which pop off easily in case of a puncture. It also has a small yet powerful front hub motor. For the price, we found the GoCycle to be a winner in all categories.

Bafang mid-drive hub motor

Bafang manufactures a variety of electric bikes and scooters, including e-bikes. The company is based in Suzhou, China, and produces hub and mid-drive motors ranging in power from 250 to 1,000 watts. The company also manufactures high-performance compact mid-drive motors that are designed for mountain and road bikes. The mid-drive motors of Bafang electric bikes are known for their durability and low noise.

A battery is required for the conversion. Normally, 36 or 48-volt batteries are required. You can buy Bafang hub motor conversion batteries on eBay. These batteries are surprisingly inexpensive, and require a basic tool kit for basic bicycle maintenance. In addition to a basic bicycle maintenance kit, you will also need a crank puller to remove the right side pedal crank, and a spacer to install the pedal assist sensor.

While mid-drive hub motor folding electric bikes typically weigh more than their direct-drive counterparts, they are able to provide better power output and range than direct-drive motors. Mid-drive motors are also tuned to the natural pedaling cadence, making them more efficient on steep hills and improving overall range. Some e-bikes also have a built-in battery, which helps improve range.

Another important consideration when purchasing an electric bike is whether or not you prefer a mid-drive hub motor or a hub motor. While hub motors tend to be more reliable and durable, mid-drive models are more expensive and require more maintenance. If you’re looking for a cheap electric bike to commute, a mid-drive hub motor may be the best choice. The benefits of both models are clear: hub motors are easier to maintain than mid-drive motors, but a mid-drive motor folding electric bike is not as convenient.

Vektron Q9

The Vektron Q9 folding electric bike is a compact, Bosch powered, portable electric bicycle. The compact size makes it a great alternative to a car, but it doesn’t compromise comfort. It has a longer cockpit for taller riders, and forged and machined elements for added strength. It is available in black, blue, and red colors. This lightweight electric bike is a great choice for urban use, but is also ideal for travel.

The Vektron Q9 has a Bosch Active Line motor, which is quieter and more robust than its predecessor. Its motor can propel you up to 20 mph or 32 km/h, which is a respectable speed for an urban commuter. The bike’s battery, powered by a 500 Wh Bosch PowerPack, offers a range of up to 100 km. The Q9 can be folded to be carried in a backpack or stored in a car trunk.

The Vektron Q9 has adjustable frame heights, so you can use it for your whole family. It’s tall enough to be used by tall adults, but short children can also ride on it. With its reclining battery, the Vektron Q9 is comfortable to use and will keep you going up hills in no time. The Vektron is also compatible with Thule Yepp Maxi child seats. You can even store it upright.

Tern HSD

The new HSD is a highly maneuverable, easy to store, and easy to store ebike. It is about half the height of a standard ebike, but weighs just the same. It folds flat and can be stored in a trunk, SUV, station wagon, or bus storage compartment in 15 seconds. Depending on the size, it can even be parked vertically in an elevator and only requires a small amount of floor space.

The Tern HSD is an ebike that combines the convenience of a cargo bike with the space and comfort of a mid-size SUV. Its Class 3-rated motor comes from Bosch Performance Line Sport. It produces 65Nm of torque. The Tern HSD is a fantastic option for anyone on a tight budget. This ebike is also easy to maintain and will last for a long time.

The Tern HSD foldable electric bike is compatible with a variety of trailers and can support individuals ranging from four to six feet tall. The bike can handle 374 pounds and is adjustable for riders four feet 11″ to six feet tall. It features four modes of assistance: walk, rider assistance, and automatic assistance. Its battery can be recharged both on and off the bike. This helps with a large amount of mobility.

Brompton Electric

The Brompton Electric folding electric bike can be folded in three parts, just like the regular Brompton. It has a battery compartment in the cargo bag, making it easy to fold and store when not in use. At just over 14 kilograms (31 pounds), it is incredibly lightweight for a folding electric bike. The bike can also be used as a daily commuter, as it’s small enough to fit into a carry-on suitcase.

The electric motor provides power assistance that reduces your exertion and keeps you seated in a comfortable position. The assist closely matches your pedal stroke and smoothly delivers power throughout the bike’s different modes. When not in use, the bike can be folded by simply pressing a button on the integrated handle. The folding mechanism includes a pocket for the charging cord and a shoulder strap for easy carrying. A folding electric bike is a practical way to travel, and the Brompton is an excellent option.

The Brompton Electric can be purchased through select dealers nationwide. Prices start at $3,499 for a two-speed model and $3,649 for the six-speed model. It comes in black and white. Please note that Vox Media is affiliated with Brompton Electric, and we may receive a commission if you purchase a product through our affiliate links. Please read our ethics policy for more information.


The Ecotric folding electric bike has a powerful 21-speed gear transmission and comes with three working modes: pedal-assisted, fully electric, and booster. Its lockable 2.4-inch suspension front fork ensures comfortable control during sudden braking and cornering. In addition to the comfortable riding experience, this folding electric bike is also ideal for off-road terrains. With a maximum speed of 28 miles per hour, you can easily navigate rough terrains.

The lightweight steel frame of the Ecotric folding electric bike offers improved strength and a more comfortable ride for a long trip. Moreover, it also features an integrated bell and folding pedals. It also boasts a range of 30 miles on one charge. And if you’re not a power cyclist, you can switch to pedal-assist mode when you don’t feel like riding. But if you are more of a power-assisted rider, the Ecotric folding electric bike may not be right for you.

This foldable electric bike is equipped with a powerful 500 Watt rear hub motor and 36 Volt lithium battery. Its maximum speed is 20 miles per hour. Its low unit weight of 51 pounds makes it incredibly portable. It can easily fit in a car trunk, train, or bus and has minimal storage space. It also has a high degree of flexibility for everyday use. Its foldable design allows you to carry it easily and wherever you want.


If you live in the city and want a folding electric bike, the H1 folding bike is the perfect solution. It is compact and easy to transport, weighing just thirteen kilograms (28.6 lb). This electric bike also features a battery meter and LED speedometer. Because it folds up to a backpack-sized size, it fits easily in elevators. The locking mechanism allows you to store the bike in its folded position when not in use.

The HIMO H1 folding electric bicycle has an aluminum alloy frame. The bike is lightweight and folds into a small size that is roughly the size of an A3 sheet of paper. It also comes in three different colors: white, black, and blue. It features a foldable handlebar, an HD display, and non-slip grips. You can even ride this bike with one person instead of two, saving on parking space.

The HiMo team consists of mechanical/automotive engineers and structural designers. They are based in New Zealand and have successfully launched their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. This folding electric bike is expected to ship in May 2020. It has received an average rating of four stars from customers. It can also be easily stored in a trunk of a car or even taken to an elevator or office. And with its compact size, it’s easy to transport, allowing for convenient transportation.

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