What is the Best Electric Bike on the Market?

what is the best electric bike on the market uk

Whether you’re looking for an e-bike for a simple commute or a full-blown cargo bike, there are some fantastic options out there. What makes an e-bike the best is how it performs, the motor placement and its battery capacity.

The battery is the main power source and can be hidden or positioned to blend in more discreetly. It’s typically measured in watts (Wh) or amps (Ah).

1. Brompton Electric M6L

London-based Brompton have a pedigree of making refined folding bikes that are as well built and durable as they are fun to ride. The M6L is a perfect example of their long-standing expertise.

A front hub motor with a battery pack is the power source for the M6L, allowing the bike to fly up hills and save you time in your commute. The battery is a 300Wh lithium-ion unit that’s developed with Williams Advanced Engineering, experts in Formula One and Formula E motorsports racing technology.

It’s a great system for city riding because it doesn’t compromise the Brompton’s compact folding dimensions, so you can take it with you everywhere. This includes rush-hour trains, underground and overground, boats or even in your car boots.

The electric assist is regulated via two sensors that measure your cadence and power. Using this data, it’s possible to set the electric assistance to a level that works best for you.

The M6L also offers a perky riding position thanks to a classic handlebar shape that provides several grip positions for riders of all heights and physiques. The flex in the stem and frame ensures your hands don’t get too shaken up when riding on rough or uneven surfaces, as is often the case with other folding bikes.

2. Giant Daily Tour

The Giant Daily Tour is a great electric bike that’s perfect for commuters and those who enjoy long rides. It offers all the latest features, including automatic pedal support and an integrated light system.

It comes with a 625Wh battery and a fixed ring lock, so it’s ideal for city riders who need to commute regularly. It also has 8 gears and a front suspension to make riding on bumpy streets more comfortable.

While it’s primarily designed for commuting, you can also use it for long distance rides, climbing hills or for fast group rides. Its battery is sized to give you plenty of power for those longer journeys, but you’ll need to charge it up often in order to stay charged.

Compared to other e-road bikes on the market, the Daily Tour has a large battery and a mid motor, which gives it a big range. It also has smart assistance, which means it automatically adjusts the power output to suit your needs.

Its frame is constructed from Giant’s ALUXX SL Aluminium Technology, which makes it extremely stiff and lightweight. A new ThinLine painting technique cuts down 65g from the paint alone, a significant weight saving.

3. Cowboy e-bike

The Cowboy e-bike is one of the best looking electric bikes on the market, and arguably also the most sophisticated. It’s a stealthy matt-black bike, features integrated lights front and rear, and is based around a singlespeed belt-drive with disc brakes.

It also has a very clever app, which allows you to use the phone as your ‘dashboard’ on the bike, and which controls the motor and other functions. You can even use it to track the bike’s location using GPS or a SIM embedded in the frame.

In addition to its smartphone-heavy approach, the Cowboy e-bike has a wide range of sensors and other data-driven gizmos, all designed in-house. The result is a stylish, user-friendly and easy to use e-bike that makes it a great option for urban riders who want to improve their quality of life by getting more fit through cycling.

It’s also a great value e-bike, with an unbeatable price tag and a range of incredibly useful extras such as the Easy Rider Plus scheme that gives you theft insurance, mobile phone repair support and priority access to the Cowboy app. With a subscription, you can even get a spare battery in the event that yours ever runs out, letting you save money and time if you have a long commute or ride more than a few times a week.

4. Ampler Curt

If you’re looking for a stylish and comfortable bike to cycle around town, the Ampler Curt is an excellent choice. It comes in three frame sizes and fits riders up to 1.98 m tall.

The main selling point of the Curt is its relatively low weight, making it an ideal commuter electric bike. It’s also super-stylish, thanks to its matte black finish.

Its stealthy design means it’s hard to spot – the battery is hidden inside the down tube with just the oversized rear hub showing its electronic credentials. That’s a positive thing when it comes to locking it up, but a drawback in terms of charging, as you’ll have to bring the entire bike inside to get a power lead.

The bike’s controls are also a bit tricky to use. Its single button is placed near the charging socket by the bottom bracket, but it’s located in such a position that it’s difficult to cycle between modes mid-ride.

5. Decathlon MiRider One

If you’re looking for a folding electric bike that will suit your daily commute, then the Decathlon MiRider One is an excellent choice. It packs down small in seconds, but gives a smooth and comfortable ride.

The ebike’s 187Wh battery can be charged to full capacity in two to three hours, so you can keep your commuting cycle short and sweet. It also has a five-level power assist system that can be adjusted to fit your needs, and a throttle for quick acceleration on the road when you need it.

Weighing less than 11kg, this is a truly lightweight folding electric bike. Many non-electric road bikes would probably tip the scales over that, but the boffins at Hummingbird have aimed to achieve the perfect balance between ease and weight with this model.

The Decathlon MiRider One is a well-engineered and impressively priced ebike that’s sure to be a hit with regular riders. It’s quick to unfold and lock with robust-feeling levers, but its telescopic handlebar stem and seatpost allow it to fit a range of rider heights.

6. C-line Folding E-bike

There are many different electric bikes on the market, but one of the best is the C-line Folding E-bike from Brompton. It’s a lightweight e-bike that feels just as smart as its non-electric counterpart and can be folded into a compact package in around 20 seconds.

The bike weighs 38 lbs with the battery installed and 32 lbs without, which is one of the lightest e-bikes we’ve tested. The 300Wh battery mounts to the front, just above the wheel, and can be removed in seconds with a simple release button.

It’s also easy to ride, and the motor is strong and efficient. It has a three-level pedaling assist, with a 30/70 split, and offers up to 25 kph of power.

This is a great bike for city riding and can handle almost any terrain. It also comes with mudguards, which are an excellent addition to a folding e-bike.

A 250W motor is enough to get you up most hills and it’s a good choice for taller or heavier riders. However, if you’re planning to use your e-bike for more challenging rides or want a bigger range, it’s worth going for a 500W motor.

7. Giant e-bike

Giant is one of the most renowned names in cycling and a leader in electric bike technology. With a wide range of models that cater to different riding styles, the company has something for everyone.

Giant’s lineup is divided into road, gravel and mountain categories. The latter, in particular, are suited for those who want to tackle tough terrain with an added dose of battery power.

There are two main e-mountain bikes in the Giant e-bikes range, both of which use a SyncDrive Sport motor and versatile 27.5’’ wheels with super-wide tyres. They’re also kitted with hydraulic disc brakes and can help you reach speeds of 20mph on XC and singletrack terrain.

Moreover, Giant e-bikes feature their own battery system, called EnergyPak, which integrates inside the frame and charges up to 80% in 2.2 hours. Besides, Giant’s RideControl handlebar-mounted command center is ergonomically designed and lets you track important metrics such as speed, distance, battery level, and pedal-assistance level.

Giant’s e-bikes also feature a lifetime frame warranty and a two year motor/battery warranty. Both of these warranties ensure that you’ll get the most out of your electric bike and make it an enjoyable experience for years to come.