All You Need To Know About Skateboard Bearing Ratings

Skateboard bearings usually have an ABEC (Annular Bearing Engineering Committee) rating that indicates the tolerance and accuracy of the bearings.

However, many skateboarders are often confused about what each ABEC rating means and do not know how to get the best bearings for their skateboards.

Below is a comprehensive guide by abec7 skateboard bearings that tells you everything you need to know about skateboard bearing ratings.

How Do ABEC Ratings Work?


In the United States, an ABEC rating is a system for measuring the precision and durability of bearings. A higher ABEC rating means that a higher-quality metal was used to manufacture the bearings. It also means that the bearings have a higher level of accuracy and precision.

What Is the Meaning Behind Each ABEC Grade?

There are five different grades that are used to measure the quality and precision of bearings. These include:

    • ABEC 1: ABEC 1 is the cheapest, least precise, and most crude. ABEC 1 bearings lead to high levels of friction, which take away from the overall accuracy.
    • ABEC 3: ABEC 3 is what you will get on most cheap skateboards. ABEC 3 bearings work for most skateboards; however, they will not roll very fast or smoothly.
    • ABEC 5: ABEC 5 bearings are a balanced option. You get standard quality and a reasonable amount of speed at an affordable price.
    • ABEC 7: ABEC 7 bearings are faster and smoother but are more expensive than ABEC 1, 3, and 5. With ABEC 7 bearings, you run the risk of damaging them if you skateboard aggressively or if you perform jumps and grinds.
    • ABEC 9: ABEC 9 bearings are the best quality bearings. They are the most expensive bearings but are also the smoothest and fastest on the market.

ABEC 9 bearings are made using high-quality metal, which means that less friction is involved. According to abec7 skateboard bearings, ABEC 9 bearings are perfect for downhill skating and performing jumps and grinds that require insane speeds.

How Are ABEC Ratings Determined?

According to abec7 skateboard bearings, you can determining ABEC ratings with the help of these four questions:

  1. What is the rotating accuracy in microns?
  2. How close is the bore to 8mm in microns?
  3. How close is the width to 7mm in microns?
  4. How close is the outer diameter to 22mm in microns?

Now that you know everything about skateboard bearing ratings, we are confident that you will buy a skateboard with a bearing that can tolerate jumps, grinds, and tricks.

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