Best Electric Bike in India in 2020

best electric bike in india 2020 price list

There are many brands that make electric bikes in India. But which ones are the best? We have compiled the price list for a few of them to help you decide. We’ve included the YOEXL electric bike by YObykes, the Revolt RV400, and the Charge XC. Read on to find out which bikes are available for purchase and which are coming out soon. Ultimately, we’ll be ranking the best electric bikes in India in 2020 and recommending the best one to buy.

YOEXL by YObykes

YO Bykes is a leading manufacturer of Eco-friendly electric scooters in India. The company was founded in 2004 and is based in Gandhinagar. The company offers four different models. All have unique features. Each is suitable for different age groups, including children. Check out the price list for each model to see which one suits your needs the best.

The Yo Drift is a nifty electric bike that can cover a distance of 70 km on a single charge. It is equipped with a brushless DC motor and 5 x 24 Ah VRLA maintenance-free batteries. The Yo Drift reaches a top speed of 25 km/h. Fully charging the Yo Drift takes eight to 12 hours, while the range is around 70 km per charge. The range depends on the rider’s load, traffic conditions, and the start and stop of riding.

The YOEXL by YO bykes electric bike price list in India 2020 comprises the price of the YO EXL, the company’s flagship model. It comes with a maintenance-free 40 Ah battery and a 1000 W motor that delivers drive to the rear wheel without transmission. The bike weighs 115 kg and is capable of carrying up to 130 kg.

Revolt RV400

Revolt has recently announced the RV400 electric bike, the company’s first full-fledged model. This new model has the same performance as a 125cc commuter bike, but comes in a modern design and a much lower price tag. In fact, the first batch of the RV400 sold out in its two first markets, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad, within 24 hours of their launch. The bike is now expected to be delivered to consumers from mid-June to July 2020.

The Revolt RV400 features an onboard charger and a removable battery. It will also have battery swapping stations, which Revolt is referring to as Switch Stations. Battery swapping stations will also be able to simulate exhaust notes and will allow riders to choose which ones they want to hear from their bike. In addition to the exhaust note simulation, the Revolt RV400 also features a battery-replacement warranty and a one-time tyre replacement.

The Revolt RV400 has a range of 156 kilometers and is powered by a 3.24 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. It can reach 80 kmph and has three riding modes. The Eco mode has a maximum range and a 45-kmph top speed. With the new model, Revolt Intellicorp is promising to reduce the waiting period. However, the company’s upcoming launch is still a few years away, so it’s crucial to be aware of the prices and availability in India before making a purchase.

Charge XC

The Charge XC electric bike price list in the country is set to increase to nearly INR 7 lakh. The company is a brand that will be selling the electric bikes directly to consumers starting in 2020. The bike’s features are inspired by the Treadwell range of bikes from Cannondale, and include tyre pressure indicators. These indicators are installed on the valve cap, and flash either green or red to indicate proper tyre pressure. In addition, the bike is made to be easy to assemble. The bike’s components can be easily folded and inserted in the back, as well as the seat and handlebars. The company claims a range of 50 miles from a single charge, and it requires three to six hours to fully charge.

The Charge XC electric bike price list in the country includes the price of the battery and the bike’s features. It has an advanced mid-drive motor, and can handle dusty trails, steep hills, and gravel roads. It can also go up to 50 miles per charge, and can be easily transported. It is best for those who want to explore tough trails and ride a reliable electric bike. However, if you are looking for an electric bike that can handle sand and gravel, consider the RadMini 4 instead.

RadMini 4

While the price list for the RadMini 4 electric bike is a little pricey, it’s not the only thing that’s worth considering. The brand’s reputation for reliability is well-deserved. Its riders rate its performance highly and it’s worth checking out the features before purchasing. This article will walk you through the key features of the RadMini and its price. Also, you can download a RadMini 4 electric bike price list to see what’s available and when it’s available.

The RadMini 4 is built for city riding, and it comes with fenders and racks for additional storage. A kickstand and integrated brake lights are other great features. The bike also features CST Big Boat 3.0 tires that feature a puncture resistant liner and fend off road debris. It’s easy to transport and store, and its foldable design makes it an ideal commuter bicycle. And, the RadMini 4 electric bike price list also includes its warranty.

The RadMini 4 is an electric bike that can fit in a backpack and is 20 inches in diameter. It is easy to ride, thanks to its robust construction and a wide wheelbase. It comes with seven speeds and five levels of pedal assist. The kickstand is adjustable and sturdy. It includes a bell, cadence sensor, ergonomic grips, and an LCD screen that can easily be read. It also has an excellent battery range.

Ola S1

The Ola S1 electric bike price list reflects the fact that the scooter costs less than its rivals. It is also available at a price that undercuts their Delhi prices. It comes with a portable home charger that can replenish the battery by 50% in 18 minutes. The price range is currently Rs.1 lakh. Ola is also planning to build a nationwide hypercharger network. This network will eventually cover more than 400 cities across the country.

The Ola S1 comes with two riding modes: Sports and Normal. The scooter’s range is about 121 kilometers on a full charge. The electric bike uses a powerful 8.5 kW motor to accelerate from a standstill to over 90 km/h. The price range depends on the model and the charge time. Depending on the range, the battery will last for more than an hour depending on the power consumption.

The Ola S1 electric bike price list is available in India. The bike will be manufactured in the state of Tamil Nadu, where the company owns the largest two-wheeler production plant in the world. Ola will supply the scooter directly from the factory. While the price may be expensive, the Ola S1’s performance will be competitive with many gas-powered motorbikes. The price of the S1 is comparable to those of other popular scooters in India.

TurboAnt Range R1

If you are considering purchasing an electric bicycle in the near future, consider the TurboAnt Range R1 model. It is a 500-watt bike with three Pedal-Assist modes to choose from. Low adds a little power to pedaling while medium adds some assistance, and High almost overrides your pedaling. The high-speed mode is great for uphill riding.

The battery of the TurboAnt Range R1 electric bike is 48V 13Ah and comes with two keys for locking the bike. The battery should last three years if you ride it inside and out of heat, and it should be easily removed and stored in a backpack. Prices vary between $260 and $400. There are many different manufacturers that make these batteries, and the ones that come with the TurboAnt Range R1 will cost you anywhere from $260 to $450.

The range of the Ranger’s battery is impressive. With up to 60 miles of range on a single charge, the Ranger has enough power for heavy urban use. As a result, the TurboAnt Ranger can handle hills, despite its small size. With three levels of pedal assistance, it is the perfect electric bike for city commutes. The Ranger weighs only 51.8 lbs.

Ather 450X

The Ather 450X is a new electric bike that is expected to start delivering to consumers in July 2020. The electric bike comes with a 2.9 kWh lithium-ion battery pack and an 8-bhp, 26-Nm belt-driven hub motor. The bike’s range is rated at 75 km in ride mode and 85 km in eco mode. Its Bluetooth connectivity and Android interface let riders easily control music playback and the bike’s speed.

It has Bluetooth connectivity, a 7-inch colour touchscreen display, and a digital document storage facility. This scooter comes with a number of high-end features, including an integrated 4G LTE SIM and 24 hours of connectivity via an in-built SIM. The Ather 450X also has an optional rear disc brake. The Ather 450X is not cheap to purchase, but the running costs are relatively low.

The Ather 450X electric bike price list is based on the base variant, which starts at Rs. 1.27 lakh. The company offers two variants – the Plus and Standard – in India. The Ather 450X is available in 3 different colours, but is priced at Rs. 1.18 lakh for the basic model. Its motor delivers an estimated 3300 W of power. Its front and rear disc brakes offer safety and control, and a combined braking system for the front and rear wheels keeps the bike from going off course.