Are E Mountain Bikes Worth It?

Are e mountain bikes worth it? Well, it really depends on the type of riding you do. Some people enjoy the speed and challenge of downhill riding, while others prefer the relaxed pace of long, gentle climbs. If you are a downhiller, an eMTB may be perfect for you. Others prefer the feeling of summiting a mountain all by themselves. Either way, you’ll be able to enjoy the same great views and the thrill of a successful ride.


The first question that arises when deciding if an e-mountain bike is worth the price is whether they’re worth the extra money. Those who own a regular mountain bike will be able to cover a few miles per hour, whereas those on an e-bike can pedal 12 to 15 miles in a single hour. With the increased range, you can explore more trails in less time.

If you’re new to the sport, you may wonder if an e-bike is worth the price tag. But e-bikes have many benefits, and some riders prefer them to conventional bikes. Buying an e-bike is worth the extra cash, and you’ll quickly discover how beneficial they are to your riding style. Besides being fun to ride, an e-bike will also save you time, as well as prevent accidents.

However, if you’re not a big downhill rider, you may find the cost of an e-mountain bike a little overwhelming. The motors and batteries alone cost about EUR4,000. They also require more frequent servicing, as the added torque wears down drivetrain parts more quickly. Therefore, an e-mountain bike is not suitable for everyone. And, of course, the benefits far outweigh the downsides.

The e-mountain bike that I’m most interested in is the Focus Jam2 7.0. It has a 720Wh battery and Shimano EP8 gearbox. Its custom slim downtube packs the battery neatly. The Focus Jam2 7.0’s geometry is neutral, with a 65-degree headtube, 76-degree seat angle, and 480mm reach. Overall, it makes for a fun ride that’s incredibly predictable and dependable. There’s more to this bike, but I’d encourage you to check out my review for more details.

re faster

You might be wondering if e mountain bikes are faster than traditional bicycles. While some bikes use an electric motor to assist them, others depend on pedal power alone. However, an electric bike is far faster than a standard bicycle. It is comparable to riding a bicycle with a strong tailwind. But, in addition to speed, there are other benefits to having an e bike. Read on to learn about some of the advantages.

they’ re lighter

Electric mountain bikes are becoming lighter as manufacturers work to improve their performance and reduce the weight of the bike. These bikes have much smaller motors and batteries, making them lighter than conventional eMTBs. They provide minimal assistance, so you can pedal over 25km/h with ease. Lighter eMTBs are not as fast as conventional eMTBs, but they can still give you a fast ride.

The electric motors power the bike’s wide wheels, making it easier to move. Wider wheels also reduce drag, so e-bikes are lighter and faster. Some models also have LCD displays that control the power assistance level. They also do not add much weight to the bike. However, a heavy battery can reduce riding range. To maximize the range of a bike, look for a bike that has a range of up to 20 miles.

Electric bike manufacturers have embraced the trend to make bikes lighter by reducing the weight of the bike and battery. The Orbea Rise is an example of an e-bike with a small, internal 360Wh battery. The motor is limited to 60Nm, and the manufacturer worked with Shimano to design a custom version of its EP8 motor. The battery weight is lower than an equivalent-sized mountain bike because less assistance is needed.

Electric mountain bikes are becoming increasingly popular for their lightweight design. The Pivot Shuttle, for instance, is one of the lightest e-bikes on the market. It has a full carbon frame and 140mm suspension travel. It weighs just 45 pounds, so it can handle any terrain. Its battery packs a seven-hour battery, making it possible for the rider to go long without recharging. However, Pivot bikes aren’t cheap.

they’ re easier to install

The most obvious benefit of an e-bike is the ease of installation. Many bike manufacturers have made the process easier by creating a kit that includes the necessary parts, making it much easier for you to set it up on your mountain bike. You can also buy an electric bike with a battery that will last for many years. Some bikes even come with two batteries to provide additional range. However, you should note that e-bikes with a battery are more expensive.

Generally, the parts of an electric mountain bike are of better quality than those used in regular bicycles. Cheaper components will wear out more quickly because they were not designed for this type of activity. Therefore, investing in better-quality components will ensure that the bike lasts for many years. They are also more comfortable to ride and will require less effort to operate than a traditional bicycle. You will notice a huge difference in your riding experience once you purchase an electric bike.

they’ re more fun

When comparing e-mountain bikes with regular mountain bikes, the former is clearly the better option. With its larger battery and easier-to-use controls, an e-mtb offers more speed and is far more fun than its traditional counterpart. But when it comes to downhill performance, an e-mtb falls far short. E-bikes aren’t motorcycles, so don’t expect them to be as fun as a regular mountain bike.

Regardless of the type of terrain, eMTBs are far more convenient to ride than a regular bike. They also have more storage capacity than traditional bikes, making them ideal for carrying spares, cameras, and snacks. You can also take along your laptop to take photos and show off your eMTB. EMTBs are also far easier to maintain than conventional bikes. With so many features, you’ll have more fun on the trails.

Electric mountain bikes are becoming more popular. They allow riders to ride more miles and do more activities without the effort of climbing hills. In addition to providing a massive workout, e-bikes allow mixed-ability riders to ride more easily. In addition, an electric bike allows riders of mixed abilities to take on tougher terrain, and even doubles the number of runs that they can enjoy. And for those who don’t ride regularly, e-bikes are a good investment that will last for years.

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